Western Media Biased Reporting, Double Standards on Catalonia

The western media’s complete blackout on the horrific police torture on the Catalonian pro-independence activists once again badly exposed the dual standards of these media houses who have set for their own and the rest of the world.

It’s a matter of shame and a big question mark on the remaining credibility and accuracy of these media houses who have adopted a completely biased reporting style just for the sake of maximum exploitation and vested interests.

On the weekend when social media was trending thousands of videos full of police torture and the violent scenes in Barcelona, the western news channels were completely blackout and there was hardly a news item published to expose such horrific police torture on Catalonian pro-independence demonstrators.

The Spanish authorities’ brutal use of police torture on innocent Catalonia’s is the latest in the limelight of western hypocrisies and double standards. There is an overwhelming biased reporting attitude adopted by the western media outlets on the Catalonian police torture.

The huge difference is resulting in the trust deficit of these media giants on the viewers and followers. The digital revolution and the emergence of powerful social media have destroyed the monopoly and cartelization of a few western media outlets. People have alternate sources of information and they don’t only rely on what the Western Media is portraying.

The pro-independence movements that have been raised in Spain, if it would be observed in any part of the world, it would be backed by the western lobbies, media, Human Rights organizations and activists but when it is being flashed inside Europe then they used all authoritative measures to crush them and media silence is a real shame.

Nevertheless, thanks to social media where the whole world had seen how Spanish police and authorities who are part of European Union member states, claiming to be torchbearers of human rights deal with their own people when they demand independence.

The Spanish government used excessive power in the form of the brutal police torture on innocent protesters that has been witnessed the whole world. No state is allowed according to the international law to use any kind of torture on protesters who stand up for their basic rights, this we have been lecturing from the West. But when we see the brutal police torture like Barcelona than it’s a complete negation of the Western democracy philosophy.

The silence of media and the human rights pundits add further shame in the so-called standards of Europe. West is falling, every day on those standards that they have set for their own and the rest of the world. The world is watching these double standards and Europe is badly exposed.

The increasing agitation and the internal suppression in the European countries have increased to an alarming level that is resulting in such kind of freedom movements. The European model seems likely to be failed as the suppression and the deprivation of the masses are increasing, and there is no solution towards it.

The far rights movements are rising in Europe just because of the monopoly and the control of the few powerful states that are controlling the whole European Union and exploiting smaller states.

In the recent example of Catalonia if this, the movement raised somewhere else in the world, the European Union and Parliament shutout in the support of these activists but in the Spanish case, no such condemnation came yet.

We have been listening every day the Western voices in the support of Hong Kong vandalism but there is a least voice raised for the Catalonians suppressed pro-independence activists who witnessed the worst police torture.

Western so-called democracies have been using the human rights tool to maximum exploit the countries, but when such human rights abuses reported inside their own territories their media turned a blind eye.

The horrible videos that have been viral on social media completely exposed the Spanish government that they have no moral grounds left behind to rule this country. This barbaric use of force to control the pro-Independence Catalonians resulted in massively trending “Spain is a Fascist” overall on social media.

Europe has a long history of strengthening and feeding such kinds of freedom movements all around the world to destabilize countries and nations for the accomplishment of their own interests.

Now the center of these movements is in Europe, so despite crushing these movements, European countries should need to give them freedom and liberty that is their basic right. The people of Catalonia are demanding their independence that is their basic right and the media should report them and give them full coverage to make justice of their watchdog role.


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