Why the US Wants an Unstable and Volatile Afghanistan?


The hasty withdrawal failed to push Afghanistan into the next US-planned proxy battlefield for the accomplishment of the US regional interests. But still, the US gesturing and alarming the emergence of serious security threats like the so-called ISIS-K.

The US wants an unstable and weak Afghanistan where America can easily play its proxy games and future role. To create proxies and then to trigger massive unrest is a vital part of US foreign policy. The world had seen the role of these proxies in the Middle East and the Arab Spring. This creation of proxies had changed the whole world order and almost the entire map of the Middle East. How the US self-created dictatorships fall one after another. The world has been witnessed all these horrendous memories of Arab uprisings.

To get a hold on the nerves and minds of a war-torn country is easy and the US had vast experience in exploiting such kinds of countries’ resources and internal affairs.

The United States of America (USA) is responsible for all kinds of the current situation of Afghanistan and the miseries of Afghan people. The people of Afghanistan need justice and it could only be possible when the US should be accountable to pay the damages of this havoc.

In the recent Afghanistan talk hosted by Russia, the US absence is an attempt to flee from the scene. The US intended to get face-saving on this massive destruction and war crimes that they committed in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis of its history. The root cause of this humanitarian crisis is the US proxies war doctrine. In the name of strengthening so-called democracy and coming to help the depressed communities, the US left a more dilapidated Afghanistan with more depressions and woes than before.

It’s time that the multipolar world should build pressure on the United States (US) and its allies that the destruction they were responsible for two decades, its time now to pay these damages and massacres at least to compensate for a little remedy to these people.



Russian led trilateral drills imply a show of power

Trilateral Russian, Tajik and Uzbek military exercises to commence along the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border gestures a powerful message against any kind of intervention in the CIS countries amid Russia boots the arms supply to the Central Asian countries.

With the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the neighboring countries beef up their security to control any kind of hostile situation as the result of the Taliban’s possible intervention. The Tajikistan government is alarmed about the increasing tension in Afghanistan.

The US and NATO forces’ exit create a huge security vacuum that led to massive unrest and insurgency in Afghanistan. The country leading towards a worst every anarchy and civil war. Afghanistan’s military strength is much more powerful than the Taliban’s and the Taliban’s narrative of overtaking the control of Afghanistan is still a dream.

Taliban are facing massive resistance both from the Afghan National Army and the people of Afghanistan. Things are pretty much different as compared to the 1990s.

Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan kicked off their largest-ever military drill Border-2021 that shows that the country is fully capable to meet any kind of challenging situation.

After the capturing of the key border crossings Uzbek- and Tajik-Afghan, the trilateral military and air drills are a powerful message to the Taliban’s who are posing a serious threat to the neighboring countries.

Russian is working on two simultaneous strategies, one by beefing up the security of the CIS countries and the other hand engaging in the political dialogue with the Taliban.

More recently Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu discussed measures to counter the emerging Taliban’s threat to his Tajik counterpart according to the TASS News agency.

Tajikistan is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in which Russia has a huge obligation to defend the member of this treaty.